Hello and thank you for your interest in WRUB!
Please read the following Q&A before contacting staff members.
If your question is not addressed below, feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

1.  What is WRUB?

We are a student-run radio station owned by Sub-Board I at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.

2.  What kind of music do you play?

Pretty much everything.  If there’s anything you want to hear, we can see about
adding it to our collection.

3.  Do you only play only music?

Nope.  While our staff members are all avid music fans, we also air sports and talk

4.  Who can listen to your station?

Anyone with an internet connection (and also anyone who is friends with someone that
has internet).  You can stream current shows directly from our website.

5.  How do I become a DJ?

Please contact our Training Director for more details on the application process.

6.  What do you look for in a DJ?

Diverse interests, professional work ethic, sense of accountability, willingness to learn,
and collaborative spirit!  We may volunteer our time but this is still a job to be taken

7.  Can I send in demos/ EPKs/ posters?

Yes, we welcome all talent, local or otherwise.  Please direct all inquiries to our
Music Director.

8.  Can we send baked and/ or caffeinated goods?


9.  Your embedded player does not seem to be working.  What’s the deal?

Gremlins Technical difficulties are sometimes an issue.  We do our best to avoid these
but in the event that you are having trouble listening to our station, please try
Tune-In. If that still does not work,
please contact our Technical Director.

10.  Help!  My club/ organization needs a DJ at our function and we can’t find anybody!

Have no fear, WRUB is here!  Please direct all inquiries to our Live Events

11. I’m having problems viewing your site.

Please send specific error messages/ URLs (preferably with screenshots) to our
Webmasters and we will investigate.