Staff Picks #3

The Black Keys – “Brothers”
This 2010 album is a gem from start to finish. They bring a fantastic vibe of modern rock with a bluesy and exciting fresh sound. Their unique guitar and voices blended together is what really makes this album so special. Not a whole lot of albums have the listenability to go through it from start to finish. It allows a listener to throw something on sit back and catch all the feels they’re putting out. 10/10 recommend

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever

Please check out A$AP Rocky’s new single Forever A$AP not because it’s a great song and it’s hard to Dislike a talent like A$AP, but please do It for the extremely creative music video. A$AP has always been known to kind of blow our minds with videos like L$D, Excuse me and Yamborghini  High. This takes a new interesting approach to his typical acid trip vibe. With extremely elaborate camera pans and ways of transitioning shots, this song can get people excited, but this music video already having 5.7 million views in 4 days clearly is getting quite noticed.

New Album Alert!: Cardi B

With an impressive debut year from Cardi B, it was no surprise she actually came through with a solid album. She has so much potential to really be a future for female rappers. With great different sounding production and a solid layout of lyrics and rap flow, Cardi B is really ready to go from new age phenom to the queen of rap. MOVE OVER NIKKI BAD B CARDI is in the house now.

– Spencer