lv luck+life

Contributed by: DJ Alaska.

Artist: Lindy Vision.

Album: Luck + Life.

Release Date: July 25, 2015.

Connoisseurs of electro-punk rejoice!  Lindy Vision are back in full force with début LP, Luck + Life.  Their sound, as with all unique bands, possesses an element of the ineffable especially when one considers that it covers a swathe of musical territory ranging from decidedly dark wave alt-rock guitar riffs as popularised in the early to mid-2000s to riot grrlesque vox overlaid with synthpop sensibilities.  For the sake of convenience, imagine a Sleater-Kinney meets Ms. John Soda at an Editors gig and you’re halfway there.  The delicate strain of Dorothy’s powerful voice recalls to mind the singular timbres of Carrie Brownstein and Debbie Harry (for male points of reference, think Robert Smith, Matt Bellamy, and Luke Jenner).  Typical of the punk-inspired, one breezes through it as easily as an early Idlewild or Tokyo Police Club album with all of the same youthful élan and plaintiveness.  Standout tracks for me are “Last Call, Last Shot“, “Luck + Life“, and “Stop Moving“.


Recommended if you like: Bikini Kill, Scanners, Le Tigre, CHVRCHES, Peaches, Soldout.

Soundtrack to your life: roller derby spa night, collage relay competition, spiked ice cream social.

Receives airplay on: The Nerdtastica Eclectic Hour.