Contributed by: Zach “Dusty Brooks” Goldstein.

Artist: Bad Suns.

Album: Language & Perspective.

Release Date: June 24, 2014.

The alt-rock rookies known as Bad Suns bursted out of the gates and into the limelight with Language & Perspective this past June. Their début studio release is not only solid but incredibly imaginative with instrumental inventiveness and lyrics so colorful you’ll find yourself smelling sand and salt.  Thematically  and physically rooted in sunny California, the album is a breath of Pacific Coast fresh air.

Language & Perspective‘s most popular single “Cardiac Arrest” is very laidback with unique guitar harmonics by Ray Libby and impressive vocals from frontman Christo Bowman, so it’s easy to get hooked from beginning to end. “Matthew James” and “Dancing on Quicksand” are two great upbeat songs that let drummer Miles Morris and bassist Gavin Bennett groove at their own pace: fast. Meanwhile, “Learn to Trust” and “Transpose” are Golden State power ballads with palm tree flair and boardwalk mantras. The amount of versatility showcased on this album is astounding. It’s flexible yet concise, blending themes of summer nights on the beach and West Coast angst.

Between “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt”, it’s no wonder how Bad Suns shot their way up the ladder, touring with New Politics and Somekindawonderful last year and making a stop at Town Ballroom in late November.  Their work delivers on all fronta, overflowing with creativity and consistency.  Although their members’ ages only range between 20 and 23, Bad Suns show extraordinary promise amongst bands in the same genre that have been on the scene for years now. If Language & Perspective is any indication of Bad Suns’ future, it’s looking as bright as their name.

Recommended if you like: Neon Trees, Bleachers.

Soundtrack to your life: Cruisin’ in the summer with your windows down.

Receives airplay on: Alt-UB on Fridays at 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.