Fall 2015 program schedule is now available here!

DJs Of The Month:

Christina Schultz and Michael Cornacchio
Happy Hour (Wednesdays 8-9 AM)

"Wake up with us every Wednesday morning at 8am!! We play what we want and sometimes if we're feeling generous, what YOU want! Set your alarms, brew a cup of coffee, and tune in to have the happiest Wednesday morning of your entire life. We also tell jokes and decide if the weather is good or bad."


Ian Liebentritt
Parklife Grunge (Wednesdays 1-2:30 PM)
"Ever wonder what would happen if American and British alternative music sounded like if they were together on the same show?  Well, here's what it would sound like.  With classic rock and oldies added."


Ian Kerr-Mace
Everything's Coming Up Millhouse (Wednesdays 10-11:30 PM)
"Everything's Coming Up Milhouse" combines punk, indie, and alt-rock in its eclectic mix of tunes to bring you a rousing, yet random two hour show every Wednesday night. Make sure to listen for tidbits of music history, strange small worlds, and a lot of girl-powered music in each and every show."