Staff Picks: Remulak Radio Edition

From the messy desks of WRUB comes Remulak Radio 2 go. A playlist dedicated to all those homies who missed Remulak Radio on Sundays at 8pm. This week we have The King Kahn and BBQ Show, a new album by Arish Kahn featuring punk genius Mark Sultan (BBQ) in a duo album made to make punk fans cry tears of BBQ sauce. HA. We have some Half Japanese with their newly remastered classic album Music To Strip By, one of our favorite albums and a beautiful work of remastering by Fire Records. Ride’s Andy Bell and Mark Gardner are back after 20 years so we figured we’d throw some classic Ride in there as well. Just a bunch of semi-sadling music mixed with some new tunes of this week. Enjoy.

Gabi Cohen- Assistant General Manager

Carlie McHale- Training Director 


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